Darwin City, NT

Mixed-Use Commercial and Private Residential Apartment Complex

Completed in 2014


The Kube is a mixed-use innovative development where form follows function. The building was designed with the concept of urban regeneration within new exciting city developments. With the intention of rehabilitating an under-developed existing site into an appealing place to live, shop, visit to improve the quality of life for city dwellers. The development is an 8 storey building, with 3 levels of basement carparking. There is 3 commercial tenancies which have been combined into one by the tenant, at ground level to maximise active street frontage.


There is 7 levels of a range of residential types and an indoor communal / amenity area.

Cross flow ventilation is made possible with the internal atriums and openings on either side to create the chimney effect. The internal atriums are open at roof level covered with polycarbonate roof sheeting to allow light to penetrate to the internal cores of the building.


This iconic building is an example of the contemporary ‘cubist’ idea; a modernist style characterised by simple form with an emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines. Zesty lime green accents add to the distinctly futuristic vibe and sit perfectly in the tropical city. The notion of incorporating the truth to materials has also been incorporated into the development, where the use of industrially produced materials will be expressed using the true nature of the selected materials. The building utilises glass balustrades, aluminium, railing, pre-cast concrete columns, pre-cast panelling, Hot dipped Galvanised structural steel and Aluminium composite cladding.